Inspirational Stories

Do you need a little uplift?  A little inspiration?  

We all do.  Why not even help others?  Check out the stories below.  Hopefully we will be endlessly posting them… acts of kindness, that is.  🙂 

  • British Medical Students helping people walk again

“We have to make this happen for this child. He has to walk”.   The British medical students helping people walk again.

Our comment: You guys put faith back in humanity.  Your efforts should be recognized and what you are doing is inspiring people all over the world to do more.  Keep it up fellas!  🙂

  • This Libyan immigrant is fostering terminally ill children in the United States

This Libyan immigrant is fostering terminally-ill children in the United-States

Our comment:  “Mohamed Bzeek, you are one incredible, amazing, inspirational person that make grown people cry after watching that video.  We wish we could find the words… what we can say is that your heart must pure and beautiful. Keep it up.”

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